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Studio 20 LA Team

Studio 20 LA is a united and optimistic team that possesses extensive experience in studio Live Modeling. The information accumulated over time, from 2000 through today has allowed us to develop the right best recipes attracting clients to live models they want to virtually socialize with. Studio 20 LA's team members help each model to achieve their desired goals. We are here to help you, the future glamor model who will earn $10,000, $20,000 per month or more!



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Why Live Cam Modeling

Become financially independent and fulfill your dreams. Who wouldn't want that? People want financial independence and want to achieve their dreams; however, most don't take action and their dreams and finances slip away. Live Cam Modelling offers an opportunity to take action and be the model queen you always dreamed. Don't wait for luck to hit you, make the first step!


Making money is an important reason when choosing a job. Would you like to earn $ 5,000, $ 10,000 or even $50,000 per month! Webcam models are making these amounts and much more! And world's best live cam models work for Studio 20 all around the world: Devious Angel, Raquelle Diva, Lexy Ford, Sassha Red and Taniussha are just a few examples.

Why Studio 20 LA?

The role of a live cam studio is to train, educate, help and support model's materialisation of their dreams and to make them lots of money. Accumulating experience in any field leads to tine earned know-how resulting in increased income. Studio 20 LA's management has over 16 years of experience, the best training, coaching and marketing team so the recipe for Your success.


Studio 20 Los Angeles is a united, optimistic and professional team and, moreover, comes with extensive experience in the live cam industry. The information accumulated over time, from 2000 through today has allowed us to be the best of what we do and almost 10 international awards and over 1000 successful models are the proof for that.

Why Live Modeling?

As a Studio20LA contractor you will be trained in everything from makeup to studio sets, cameras, & computers 100% provided by us for you.

There is BIG money to be made in Live Modeling! In Live Modeling you have a system, a team and all the latest technology behind you to earn money - a lot of money, every month, for as long time as you want. All you need is ambition, dedication, hard work and follow the advice of Studio20LA's team.


Become a Model

Being a webcam model is a job for someone who is optimistic, cheerful and open-minded. You'll talk with people from all over the world who want to be listened to, understood and accepted for who they are. They are looking for someone to lift their spirits and are willing to pay, a great deal in many cases, for that opportunity.



Training and mentoring is a critically important role. A successful Live Modeling and Webcam Trainer begins with experience and being computer savvy.

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We are looking for an experienced photographers to shoot Webcam models for websites and model profiles.

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Join our unique and empowering Webcam studio for its excellence and authenticity. If you are passionate about makeup, about teaching the Power of Beauty to all women and about caring for others, we have an opportunity that is right for you.

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Hair stylist

Experienced stylists work in our relaxed atmosphere, and friendly work environment. Qualified candidate must have at least 5 years cut& color experience, have an outgoing personality, a team player, honest and reliable, dependable, coachable and professional.

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Looking for Hotel style housekeeping 6-7 days a week. Duties include- Wipe baseboard, clean mirrors, mop floors, vacuum, take out trash, wash dishes, wipe down surfaces, clean bathrooms, sanitize toilets, dusting, make beds with fresh linens and much more.

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IT Technician

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Help Desk IT support technician? IT support objectives are to deploy, maintain and support Windows 7, 8 and 10 computer systems, web-cam, audio, computer telephony and network systems.

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We always expanding and looking for models, nurses, admins, trainers, coaches, secretaries, managers, sales, HR, call-center, pc operator, Assistant manager, social media marketing, online marketing, copywriter, etc.

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